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Blessed Angela of Foligno


Giovanna Bruschi’s images truly seem to suffer and rejoice, from moment to moment, for their mysterious birth. They are both charming and piercing forms, satisfying and restless, chiseled yet undefined: they are forms that triumph and cancel each other out, thirsty for the Beyond.




Giovanna Bruschi graduated from the Bernardino di Betto Art Institute in Perugia, her hometown; she immediately earns an associate degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Pietro Vannucci, annexed to the same Institute, experiencing the cultural and educational environment shared by extraordinary masters such as Gerardo Dottori, Diego Donati, Adelmo Maribelli and Dante Filippucci. Subsequently, she obtains the qualification for teaching Drawing and Art History and begins working in various high schools as well as at the experimental institute I.T.A.S. Giordano Bruno in Perugia, where, in addition to the classical literary approach in Art History she also coordinates various groups of teachers and students involved in project activities that share her enthusiasm. At the same time, she pays regular visits to the studio of the renowned engraver Diego Minuti, whom she regards as her mentor

And together, the thrust toward the Nameless and the search for the Way. The Way is the path itself, the agony and the love for the Journey, the love for Life


In the five-year period 1990-1995, Giovanna illustrated two books based on the mystical experience of the Blessed Angela of Foligno, entitled Il Viaggio. Mystical experience of Angela of Foligno (Foligno, Cenacolo B. Angela of Foligno, 1991) and La figlia dell’estasi. Spiritual biography of Blessed Angela of Foligno (Padua, Edizioni Messaggero, 1995).


The Way is the search for Being through His mantle of glory, through the celebration of forms, the kaleidoscope of existence


Giovanna Bruschi is present with her most significant works in public, private and museum collections: Fregio del pensiero 2003, is part of the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art “Padre Felice Rossetti”, Domus Pacis – Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi; one of her oil paintings is featured in the Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia – The Portrait of the Mayor Mario Caraffini; a portfolio of etchings commemorating Assisi appears in the “Library” of the Senate in Rome; CAMEP collection, Manifesto 2010 edition on the re-enactment of the Perugia and Trasimeno circuits, Corsa Ideale.


Listed in cultural circles and academies, Giovanna receives in her hometown the title of Academic of Merit from the Academy of Fine Arts Pietro Vannucci; she becomes an Ordinary Member of the Properziana Academy of Subasio in Assisi; in May 2007 she receives the “Culture Award” The Corimbo “Thought and Images”, 6th Edition, and she is registered as an Honorary Member of the Gold Award. Since 1985 she is listed in the Archive for the Italian Art of the Twentieth Century at the Kunsthistorisches Institut of Florence, and since 2005, in the Bioiconographic Archive of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.


Of particular relevance are the competitions won, as well as the personal and collective exhibitions that have met a warm welcome in every part of Italy.


She is the author of several covers for literary publications:

  • Angelus Novus, in Bruno Dozzini,
  • Il Nutrimento Nascosto (poems), Perugia, Guerra Edizioni, 2002.
  • Sheis the author of the drawings Lo stàsimo – T’ho visto – Oh sole – Un riemergere antico, in the volume of Bruno Dozzini, Intuitions and no (poems), Perugia, Guerra Edizioni, 2003.
  • In the same year, the catalog Giovanna Bruschi Opera Grafica, 1977-2003 is published along with the catalog extract Giovanna Bruschi Fregio del Pensiero, Perugia, Guerra Edizioni, 2003.
  • She designs the youthful portrait of the Poet Bruno Dozzini for the cover of the volume Bruno Dozzini – All the poems, Perugia, Guerra Edizioni, 2005

Two of her works, Angelus Novus and Lugo – are also reproduced on the cover of the catalog Perugia Passato Presente, edited by Armando Alberati for the photographic exhibition of the Municipality of Perugia, Lugo (Spain) 12 September 2002, Perugia, Copy Center Elce, 2002.


In 2010, she interprets a number of poems by Angelo Veneziani for the book Provvido Risveglio and within the same year she designs the cover for the poetry collection by Liliana Lazzari , Un Canto di Mare.


Giovanna coordinates “cultural meetings by theme” to introduce her artistic role. Among them, in 2008 “Quando l’arte figurativa incontra la poesia” – a performance class within the Specialization and Training for Italian teachers abroad – Aula Magna Università for Foreigners of Perugia;


In 2009, Una via per elevarsi al cielo, the mystical experience of Blessed Angela of Foligno (seventh centenary of the death of the Blessed Angela), a meeting organized by the Ordre International des Anysetiers – Hotel Plaza “Sala Galeazzo Alessi” Perugia


Il 4 gennaio 2011, presso la Sala San Francesco Palazzo Arcivescovile di Perugia, l’ Associazione Nazionale Convegni Culturali “MARIA CRISTINA” Convegno di Perugia – Realtà Fede Arte a Confronto – organizza l’Incontro: Immagini femminili nell’arte, “Divenni NON-AMORE” (Beata Angela).On January 4, 2011, at the Sala San Francesco Palazzo Arcivescovile of Perugia, the National Association of Cultural Conferences “MARIA CRISTINA” Conference of Perugia – Realtà e Fede a Confronto – she organizes the Meeting: Immagini femminili nell’arte, “Divenni NON-AMORE” (Beata Angela).


On August 19, 2010, at the Abbey of San Felice, with the Association “Amici della terra di Giano”, she organizes a conference with the projection of her drawings on the Blessed Angela of Foligno, speaker: Prof: Emore Paoli.
In 2002, she is part of the technical jury at the 1st “IL CORIMBO” VISUAL ARTS COMPETITION at the Sala Sant’Antonio in Torgiano


In 2007, she presides over the FIFTH CONTEST OF VISUAL ARTS “IL CORIMBO” at the Sala del Dottorato of the Capitular Museum of Perugia


In June 2010, she presides over the 1st Extemporary Painting Competition Un Quadro in un giorno, in Roccaporena di Cascia.


Giovanna’s oeuvre is vast and accredited, especially in the mystical-theological genre. In this context appear the works published at Edimond, Città di Castello: Angela da Foligno. La vera povertà (2001) and Rita da Cascia. Tra storia e tradizione (2002).


To truly sing, and with purity of heart, everything else disappears: all that remains is space, stars and voice (Mandel’štam)..


Every research in purity of heart is a song that through the voice leads beyond appearances. Then even the teacher and the pupil, the artist and the user exchange roles, and the Truth pursues the researcher.”



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